1962 |

born on December 30 in Frankfurt a/M Germany | 1980  High School with a focus on art

1979-1991 |

Spray and Graffity Art , figurative "Faces" Tags at Germany,Paris,Amsterdam,Barcelona, New York Brooklyn | Street Music and Songwriter: On stage, street music at Stuttgart, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona

1983-1989 |

Study of painting with Professor K.R.H.Sonderborg at the National Academy of  Fine Arts Stuttgart.

1987 |

First Bag Paintings and Bag Art Project "Dialogue"

1989-1990 |

Studies with Professor Hernandez Pijuan at the Facultad de bellas Artes Universidad de Barcelona

1990 |

Scholarship of the German institution "Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst"DAAD for one Year in  Spain.

1993 |

First Cooperation with International Association of Art (IAA), Bonn (Catalogue: Earth)

1994 |

First  price of the federation of  artists of Wuerttemberg VBKW | Bag Art Project in Mexico

1995 |

Scholarship of the "Centre d'Art Contemporani Piramidón” in Barcelona Bag Art Project: "Art-Politics Dialogue" in the South of Germany supported by the Ministry for Family, Education and Art of Baden-Wuerttemberg

1997 |

Start of the next Project "Art-Politics Dialogue" in the North of Germany supported by the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture Schleswig Holstein

1998 |

Marriage with the Performance Artist DADA Katharina Trost  |  Foundation of the Artists group "Könige" with Thomas Baumgärtel (the "Bananensprayer", Cologne, Germany) and M.S.Bastian (Switzerland)  |  Birth of the daughter Lucia

2000 |

First  conceptual Art Project "Bag Art Project" all the citizens of the city of Goch were asked to create Bag Art Objects

2001 |

Solo Show at the  German House  New York at United Nations Square) |   publication 5 pages at Flatiron Magazine N.Y.

2004 |

Purchases by the Frieder Burda Collection and participation at the opening Show of the new Museum Frieder Burda |  Exhibitions in New York, Switzerland, Austria, Shanghai

2005 |

First Thitz Work in the  WÜRTH COLLECTION, (Künzelsau, Germany)

2006 |

Birth of the daughter Serafina |  Purchase  of the Museum Offenburg (Germany)  Exhibition at the  Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe (Catalogue) and Bag Art Project at the Kindermuseum (Germany) |    International Exhibitions  with the new catalogue "painted Cities"

2007 |

"Miami Bag Art Project " and Exhibition at the Miami Childrens Museum also during the Art Fairs "Art Basel Miami Beach"(12/2006)  and "Art Miami"(1/2007)

2008 |

Exhibition at  Cultural Centre of the City of Athens  with Bag Art Project in Greece (Catalogue) |  Museum Goch "die Aquarelle" |  Palais Liechtenstein Feldkirch Austria with Franziska Schemel

2009 |

Birth of the daughter Rubina |  Huge Thitz Painting (Bag Art 4x2m) in the Collection August Oetker |  Exhibition in Brasil at the Museum  de Arte de Londrina

2010 |

Museum Exhibition at the Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie Dessau |  Catalogue "Bags and Miracles" |  Exhibition at the Museum Herakleidon Athens (Greece)

2012 |

Solo Exhibition  "Thitz-Art saves the world"" at the  private Museum and Collection  Chungdamn Art Center, Rumian Collection, Seoul   Korea  (catalog)

2013 |

Purchase by the Museum Of Photography, Seoul,  Korea

2014 |

Bag Art Global Projects at the  Kunstmuseum Solingen and   Museum Erfurt

2015 |

Solo-Exhibition at Kunstverein Städtische Galerie Villa Streccius,  Landau (Catalogue)

2016 |

Museum Kunstverein Wesel |  Municipal gallery Kunstverein Villa Streccius Landau  | catalogue "THITZ TÜTEN KUNST" Pagina Verlag

2017 |

Municipal Gallery Eschborn (catalogue) | Kunstverein Wasserschloss Bad Rappenau with DADA  | solo exhibition in PARIS Galerie 3 cerises. 30 Years of Bag Art

Bag voyages and projects in: Morocco, Spain, Island, Italy, Tukey, Norway, Sweden, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Guatemala, South Afrika, Mexiko, Emirates, Tunesia, Greece, Korea, China...

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